Why buy your LED lighting at LED-profiles.co.uk?

OUR service

LED-profiles.co.uk is not only an inexpensive and reliable website, but also a partner for the professional business market for private as well as business customers.

NO Shipping costs if you spend > £75

If you order off our website you will not be charged shipping costs above any orders worth over £75.

Product guarantee

We fully support the quality of our LED products, we take full responsibility and we give a guarantee of 2 years. The guarantee is negotiable on a project basis. We offer no less than 5 years warranty on our LED profiles.


We are no ordinary webshop but offer a complete package of LED products. If you have special requirements for your LED lighting or are looking for something of a certain size, we can supply all LED products to your specifications. Think, for example, of a waterproof LED strip of 2.85.
We make the LED strip the right size for you and can solder the desired cable length without problems for you. This, of course, saves you a lot of time and effort.
We can also guarantee the guarantee 100%.



Quality and sustainability are our priority. All our LED products are extensively and thoroughly tested and all have a 72-hour endurance test before the LED product leaves the factory. We do this to guarantee the quality and to ensure that the product is 100% in order.

1. On / off test for at least 10,000 cycles
2. Test according to CE standard IEC-60598;
3. The LED lighting is tested at a temperature of -20 ℃
4. The LED lighting is tested at a temperature of + 60 ℃
5. Drop testing


The products we offer on our website are purchased directly at the factory. We can check our products carefully and offer them at the best price. We are also aware of the latest developments. This allows us to deliver the newest of the latest and to lead the way with the most diverse technologies.

All our LED strip profiles are developed, designed and manufactured by us. This makes us the cheapest LED strip profiles supplier in Europe.


All LED products are certified with the CE mark. We can therefore also sell these products throughout Europe. The some of our products also have the ROHS quality mark. This quality mark indicates that no chemical substances have been incorporated in the product.
A large part of our products are provided with the TUV quality mark. This high-quality German quality mark indicates that the product is very reliable and safe.


Our webshop is affiliated saefty measures so you are assured of a safe purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries!