Wholesale LED strip profiles

LED strip profiles are the solution for mounting and neatly finishing LED strips.
We deliver all our profiles to both the business customer and the private end user.
We are a wholesaler in LED strip profiles and deliver our products throughout Europe.

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The lifespan of LED strips is partly determined by the way they are mounted.

led profiel groothandel

Wrong mounting of the strips ensures that the life is significantly reduced.
When LED strips are mounted in our LED strip profiles, the lifespan will be extended considerably. The aluminum profiles ensure that the strips become much less warm. LED strips with a higher wattage, when mounted without an aluminum profile, are often too hot so that they can burn through.
The solution for this profile is to stick the LED strips in our profiles.


We from LED-profiles offer LED strip profiles at the wholesale price.
In short, you never pay too much for your profile because through our own production we can offer LED strips with a high discount and we also have regular offers for you.
So you never pay too much for you LED strip profiles. If you wish to purchase more than 25 metres of profile from our wholesaler or via the website, we will immediately give you a discount.

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In short, if you are looking for a wholesaler in LED strip profiles, please contact us now. We are available 7 days a week to answer your questions.