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If you are looking for an extra wide and high LED profile then the PN4 C3 is for you!
The LED profiles and the covers have been developed by ourselves and ensure a beautiful even light line.

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You can choose from 4 different LED profile covers in the PN series!

  • XL LED strip aluminum profile PN4 C3
  • Suitable for 99% of all types of LED strips (up to 24 mm wide)
  • Suitable for Philips HUE LED profiles
  • Easy to cut to size and seamlessly extend
  • These LED profiles can be sewn and mounted in metre
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor installation
  • Always available from stock
  • 5 years warranty
  • Order today = Delivered tomorrow
  • L / W / H: 2000 mm x 26.79 mm x 26.22 mm (external dimensions)

If you have questions about installing LED strips and / or applying LED profiles please call us on 0207 097 3833. We are also available for questions about our products by e-mail or via the chat function. Email us for a quote!

Order today = Delivered tomorrow!

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Are you looking for an LED profile with an extra large size?
Look no further and discover the many advantages of this XL LED profile.

  • 29.27 mm LED strip aluminium profile
  • Includes oversized opal/milkywhite cover
  • Gives a nice even light
  • Cannot be found elsewhere
  • Easy to customise
  • Gives ample cooling to any type of LED strip (including RGB + RGBW LED strips)
  • 5 year guarantee
  • L/B/H: 2000 mm x 26.79 mm x 26.22 mm (Outer diameter)
  • Material : Anodised aluminium
  • Suitable for LED strips up to 12 mm wide
  • Cover: Free delivery
    • Colour : Opal
    • Material: PC ( polycarbonate )
    • Light transmission opal : 65 %
  • Profile length : 2 metre
  • Protection class : IP20 – suitable for indoor use.
  • Flammability classification UL 94 V – 2 (extinction of a vertical clamped copy within 30  seconds)

These aluminium LED Strip profiles are the solution for the smooth finishing of LED strips. These aluminium profiles ensure a beautiful finish with a beautiful, neat and subtle look. In addition, the LED strip profiles have a favourable effect on the life of LED strips. Led strips can be applied to different surfaces and types of surfaces.

The better the surface insulates, the less well the LED strips can lose their heat. The better the LED strips can lose their heat, the longer LED strip will last. LED strips lose their heat better and faster through aluminum profiles, which means that the lifespan of LED strips can be extended considerably.

In addition to this practical advantage, the aluminium LED strip profiles ensure a perfect finish. The LED strip aluminium profiles can be ordered in 1 meter or 2 meters and have a matte cover, or a transparent cover. These covers ensure an ideal distribution of light. You no longer see the individual LED lights: this provides an extra beautiful light effect. The aluminium profiles are easy to install next to each other.

This makes it easy to provide every room with beautiful LED light. You can easily attach the profiles by means of aluminium clamps (please add this with your order). Finishing the cables is easy with convenient end caps.


  • Silicon: 0.2 % up to 0.6 %
  • Iron: up to 0.35 %
  • Copper : up to 0.10 %
  • Manganese : up to 0.10 %
  • Magnesium : 0.45 % up to 0.9 %
  • Chrome: up to 0.10 %
  • Zinc: up to 0.10 %
  • Titanium : up to 0.10 %

If you have any questions about the use of LED strips, installing or applying LED profiles, please feel free to contact the LED-Profiles.co.uk team on 0207 097 3833. We are also available for questions by e-mail or via chat function on our website.

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