Choosing the right LED lighting is not an easy choice and in many cases requires technical knowledge.
To support you with the choice we have made an overview of everything you need for a common project. We are happy to advise you on LED indoor lighting. Besides indoor lighting we also offer LED lighting solutions for outdoor spaces.

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To keep the various LED solutions clear, we have written a separate page per topic. Every information page helps to make the right choice. LED lighting can be applied virtually anywhere. In the overview below we have highlighted a number of frequently occurring situations.

Tips for buying LED strips

Click on each link for more information about LED profiles.

Complete spaces with LED strip lighting:

LED lighting for a loft
LED home theatre lighting
LED garage lighting
LED lighting for shop windows
LED lighting for gyms
LED lighting for fitness rooms
LED lighting for escape rooms
LED lighting for store shelves

Wet spaces with LED strips. Read everything you need to know about LED strips for a bathroom, shower, sauna and much more.

LED strips bathrooms
LED strips shower
LED strips wet spaces
LED strips sauna
LED strips swimming pool

LED skirting, you are at the right place at LED-Profiles

LED plinthlighting
LED strips for skirting
LED strip skirting boards for kitchens

If you want to remove or install LED strips, we always have inexpensive solutions for this.

LED strip installation
LED strip infield
LED strip eliminating
Cove lighting
LED strips on the ceiling
LED strips against the wall
LED strips in a wall
LED strips for stairs
LED profiles for steps


If you want to install LED strips in shop windows or showcases in a DJ booth, you can read more about this in the following articles.

LED strips for a display case
LED strips for shop windows
LED strips for windows
LED strips for DJ Booths
LED strips for in a bar
LED strips for hotels
LED strips for a counter
LED strips for counters
LED strips for store shelves
LED cafeteria lighting

Read all about tips and help with choosing LED outdoor lighting via the next page.

LED strips for a facade
LED strips for a roof gutter
LED strips in front of a front facade
LED profile for outside

Waterproof LED profiles

Place LED strips in a cove, you can read all about them in the following articles.
LED strip cove lighting
Indirect lighting
Direct lighting
Ceiling profiles for LED strips
LED strips for indirect ceiling lighting

Do you have a camper, caravan, camper or boat? Even then you are at the right place at LED-profiles

LED caravan lighting
LED camper lighting
LED boat lighting
LED lighting for in the boat
Trunk and cargo LED lighting area

LED lighting installation in the caravan

LED lighting instalation in the camper

LED strips cabin lighting

LED strips for a slope

LED strips for a sailboat

LED lighting for mobile homes

LED strips and LED profiles for exhibition stands and displays

Exhibition stand builders

LED strips for houses

LED strips for in a closet
LED strips for a walk-in closet

LED strips for kitchens

LED strips for kitchens
LED strips for kitchen cabinets
LED strips for counter tops

The specialist in each sector is also at the right address for LED strips and LED strip profiles at In the following articles we have described a number of applications.

LED strips & LED profiles for stand builders
LED profiles & LED strips for lifts

LED profiles for restaraunts
LED strips for the hospitality industry

LED profiles for nightclubs

LED lighting for clubs

As you have been able to read, the possibilities to place LED strips are virtually endless. However, when installing LED strips you always have the best light effect and the most durable installation method when you use our LED profiles.

In addition to the aforementioned LED strip purposes, technical rooms are extremely suitable for illumination with LED strips. Below we mention some application possibilities for LED strips in technical rooms.

LED strips working bridge
LED strips car garage
LED strips work bench

In addition to technical areas, trucks and work cars are also suitable for LED strips and LED profiles.

Work bus LED lighting
Loading room lighting
Truck LED lighting
Foodtruck LED lighting
Foodcar LED lighting
Refrigerated LED lighting
Trailer LED lighting

Partybus LED lighting

LED lighting for dark rooms

LED lighting for display stands

LED strips for store displays

LED strips for a wet sauna

LED strips for a fireplace

LED strips for an in-built fire

Lighting separation wall

Lighting suspended ceiling bathroom

LED strips for closet space

LED strips for bookshelves

LED strips for under a bed

LED strips for shelves

LED strips for a sunscreen

LED strips for holiday homes

LED strips for a box spring

LED lighting for beds

LED strips for a bedroom

LED strips coolstrip

LED strips escalator

Cast floor with LED strip

LED strips plasterboard

Stone strips with LED lighting

LED strips in concrete