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Round & half round LED strip profiles from The # 1 in LED profiles for the private and business market. If you looking for a round or half round LED strip profile then you have come to the right place at

LED strip round profiles from £ 8.90 per metre including cover

Our LED strip round profiles in combination with our LED strips are the solution for getting rid of LED strip in walls, ceilings, plinths etc. etc. LED strip 45 degree profiles ensure the optimal light distribution of your LED strips.

Your LED strip is deeper in the profile, therefore the LED strip provides a nice and even light. In fact, an even light line is formed.

Our LED aluminum profiles with a round shape are very easy to assemble. You can stick the LED strip very easily into the profile, because LED strips are on the backside for 3m adhesive tape (* Almost all LED strips are equipped with double-sided 3m tape) The aluminum acts as heat conduction for the LED strips, so the strips last longer. (* up to 50% more burning hours)
The cover of the 45 degree LED profiles ensure that the light is distributed nicely and you are not blinded by the often bright LEDs.

✓ LED strip round profiles are available in 1 metre or 2 metres.
✓ LED strip half round profiles are available in 1 metre or 2 metres.
✓ Suitable for 99% of all LED strips
✓ The solution for the tight finishing of LED strips.
✓ Easy to cut to size.
✓ Includes free cover of your choice.
✓ Always in stock
✓ Own development and production therefore it cannot be found cheaper elsewhere
✓ 5 year warranty on all corner profiles.

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