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Operating LED strips is very easy with our extensive and extremely sharp range of LED strip controllers including remote control.
Whether it concerns atmospheric colorful RGB or RGBW LED strips, LED strips with 1 fixed color or white or warm white LED strips, with our inexpensive LED strip controllers and remote controls, operating LED strips is child’s play.

The range of our controllers is about 30 meters, you also do not have to aim at the LED controllers because they are controlled via a radio frequency.

You will always receive a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver for all products on this page.
Connecting your LED strips is very easy to carry out, even if you do not have extensive technical knowledge.

The only thing you need besides the wireless transmitter and receiver is an LED strip and a LED strip power supply.

If you have questions about making the right choice, or would you rather receive a complete customised offer? Please contact the team of on 0207 097 3833 or send us an e-mail with your request.